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There are a number of books which are available for ad-hoc meetups for a particular chapter or part of a book. Some of these books, where there’s enough interest, are scheduled for regular meetups in the future.

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The most likely next books for the reading group are in bold, and early access books in italics
The books we’re about to start are marked with a rocket

beginning languages

polyglot challenges

  • The Ray Tracer Challenge: A Test-Driven Guide to Your First 3D Renderer
    (uses Cucumber/Gherkin test scenarios - in a language agnostic fashion)
    This looks like a great book to test out your knowledge in any new language. You just implement the ray tracer challenge in that language. Hopefully there’s a Cucumber/Gherkin implementation available in the language you’d like to use. There are many.
    (Clojure, C++. Go, Groovy, Java, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Rust, Scala)
    (Gherkin parser in Haskell)
    Let us know if you know of a trustworthy, full implementation of Cucumber for Haskell

functional programming

category theory

  • (Scala, Haskell)

intermediate Python series

intermediate Rust series

intermediate Scala series

advanced Java series

Kubernetes series

KNative series

Quarkus series (Java)

verifiable credential series

software quality series

computing series

deep learning series

quantum computing series

event streaming series

graph database series

Bitcoin and Lightning Network series

Stacks series

Lunatic series (WebAssembly, Rust, ideas from Erlang)


code readings - Rust & Bitcoin and related

build-your-own readings

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