Los Gatos Reading Group Library

Los Gatos Reading Group Library

These are the 105 books, papers, tutorials, and such on the docket of the Los Gatos Reading Group, a peer-to-peer learning and teaching group.

Some books are in the queue for regular meetups. For others, we can have ad-hoc meetups when there’s enough interest on a particular chapter or part of a book. Let others know of your interest via Discord. Discussion is open on the Discord channels

How does one devour an elephantine software library?
One byte at a time.

The readings are categorized by topic:

  1. Scala 3, ZIO

  2. Haskell, Category Theory

  3. Other Functional Programming (Racket, Kotlin, Java, Elixir)

  4. Bitcoin

  5. Phoenix, WebAssembly

  6. Behavior-Driven Development, Spock, JUnit

  7. Software Architecture, Computing Systems

  8. Clojure, C++, Elixir, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, Rust, TypeScript

  9. Kubernetes, Spark, Quarkus, Spring, Kafka

  10. Quantum Computing

  11. Git (internals), Graph Databases

  12. Deep Learning, Algorithms

Show your own priority if you’re interested in having a meetup, either weekly or ad-hoc, on a book.
* - Asterisks indicate a book currently being read.
** - Double asterisks indicate a book being read with higher priority
++ - Double pluses indicate a book already read by host